Thanks for meeting us in Cartes Paris

Cartes Exhibition in Paris: We were there!

The Mediasoft Team was in Cartes Paris during the entire exhibition.

We met with many distributors and resellers.

They met our new support team and we exposed all our new features on eMedia-CS and our latest hi-tech solutions: Wifimage & WifimagePlus.

With Wifimage, you can send your picture or signature directly from your iPhone/iPad to your eMedia Template.

With WifimagePlus, take your picture, enter the template data and print remotely from your iPhone/iPad.

It was a real pleasure meeting you in this exhibition.

It was a real success, and we all hope to see you next year.


If you want more information on eMedia-CS contact us at

If you want more information on Wifimage and WifimagePlus, you can visit our website: or contact us at


The eMedia Team.

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