New update available (build 1566)

You can Now download a brand new version of eMedia-CS: new functionalities and improvements!

You can find in this release:

  • (Pro version). You can now print on everything with eMedia-CS!
    • Go to Tools -> Documents -> Custom card sizes.
    • Create your new card size with its name and dimensions (height and width).
  • New "Power Save Mode" alert. If your laptop is not running in full capability, eMedia-CS will warn you that it may affect its performance.
  • Implementation of a new barcode: "Codabar".
  • No more sharks.
  • Various bug fixes.


If you haven't configured eMedia-CS to automatically check for updates, please go to the download page of our web site.

Otherwise, the automatic updating system included in eMedia-Cards CS will notify you for these updates and will download and install them.

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