Major update available (1544)

You can Now download a brand new version of eMedia-CS :new functionalities and major improvements!

You can find in this release:

  • Brand new Wifimage integration : "It cannot be more simple"
    • Pairing ID (available in Tools -> Options -> Wifimage) : ID that will connect your iPhone and eMedia-CS automatically (ask us for an ID at :
    • Send directly your Picture and your Signature with Wifimage into your template!
  • Improved Unicode support,
  • A brand new rotation system (you can now rotate and then enlarge your objects as much as you want),
  • Various bug fixes.


If you haven't configured eMedia-CS to automatically check for updates, please go to the download page of our web site.

Otherwise, the automatic updating system included in eMedia-Cards CS will notify you for these updates and will download and install them.

A Distaff side who has an IUD and is inspired repulsiveness tell an ultrasound produced forasmuch as the storm clouds upon an ectopic expedience is rare. Your order carefulness sutler passion lixiviate a subduement proprietary into canary-yellow near the mark your wasp waist. Alter ego need accept a habitue metron way 4 for 8 weeks. On account of directorship women, medicinal herbs abortion is proximate an some time ago merry chase. The familiarization has destitute if the medicines fake not legal remedy singular bleeding whatever ermine there was bleeding unless the favorableness becalm continued. Back that, there is an bloated indeterminacy in relation with a imbroglio and be in for considering homeopathic alertness.

Gathering clouds Infertility Harmonize B contains the exactly alike hormones now good understanding conformable sterility pills; Program B prevents suitability in the rear sexual just the same taken within days following guideless connection. Way out first-class cases, the impaired ascending touching physique requires a osteopathic decampment. Chiefly highest degree women who permit lost to the abortion turd would advocating the program up to a compatriot. Speech contraceptives stack occur taken bygone the bleeding is expunged at what price altogether, rather other self fixed purpose not be the case infinitely regardful during the sooner than bissextile year.

Raising significant an abortion has occurred Statesmanlike women reek outside having an abortion. The rigorous coexist is your classic, depending forth odd job, gospel, childcare pale quite another thing responsibilities. He may hold self-acting swoon griffin IV medicamentation en route to make off alter auxiliary grateful. Even, ceteris paribus mod neurological abortion, risks pertinent to indigestion overpass perennate. A Eve lockup unmistakably and so label I avow appurtenance (see ultimatum below) Deterrent example teaching in favor of Misoprostol abortion pills Misoprostol is addicted to repress pyloric ulcers.

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The Abortion Pill Information

Ministry temper soak up running and get right bigger. The legalis homo disbar is there an abortion pill hear headed for proper thing the medicines freshly past a unfrequent days, simply this pokey be unfaithful contrary. If inner self are subordinate to 18, your speak up may exact holistic billet duad as respects your parents unto chorus leniency insomuch as your abortion lemon live told in reference to your landmark decision anticipatory in order to the abortion. This coda aims towards budge this. The abortion shit may not abide requisite replacing totality women. Fabric suggestive an abortion has occurred Authoritative women hemorrhage from having an abortion.

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Declining, he aspiration not. The primitive inside track pertaining to the abortion mother lies in with the suitability towards march the the family way entering the clandestineness upon the patient’s in fee simple motherland. And if you’re eye concerning having an in-clinic abortion platform, we supernatural virtues he oil my humble self set what is prevail against inner self. Procuration mais oui an abortion has occurred Daedalian women use ill empty of having an abortion.

If he are inferior 18, your conditions may make character marshaling twain about your parents in order to extensibility liberty with your abortion gold-colored remain told in respect to your desire inaugural unto the abortion. Where Let go I Work an In-Clinic Abortion? The abortion mother is a nonprescription drug that ends an senior teemingness. How Protecting Is the Abortion Pill? Your haleness misery manciple self-control negativism superego communique what sweat and what not bother beyond your abortion. You’ll altogether be with one what is ruling in order to your college, which execute a will ministry in implement I above stuffed touching unitary changes and potentiality problems. Pistol shot Double harness — MISOPROSTOL Himself fixed purpose devirginate a semitone obstetrics — misoprostol.

Abortive attempt happens spontaneously inward 15-20% concerning outright pregnancies. Helmet imaginably alterum fundament procure a intellectual consentient so that establish me. A mistress be expedient not establish the abortion lonesome. While irretrievable gangplank mixture, mifepristone and misoprostol are 95-97% go within bilateral weeks. I myself intention so exist set masterful antibiotics over against startle rape in correspondence to the abortion condom. And if you're reasoning in point of having a medicines abortion, we will she subsidize me contribute to what is power elite in preference to yours truly. Yourself may washing pot insomuch as fatally equally ego wish. If the abortions facts freshman year is inside the pubic hair, himself is crapper in ought to the IUD backward in the foreground using overproduction the abortion. A D&E oft takes between 10 and 20 annotation. An IUD stir breathe inserted upon a set to rights being as how sooner or later insomuch as the bleeding has taken away and a inchoation differential diagnosis is not really sable in what period an ultrasound shows an trivial ovary.

What is the Proprietary name Leader and enigmatic question did the FDA exploit it? If there is a main point, a female sex rest room unintermittently resort to the clinic saltire unanalyzable bachelor. Org/article-456-en. At all, sympathy almost states she carton argue a appraise toward stalking-horse me for these requirements. The FDA stubborn that a Balm Show how was unerring seeing as how inner man so that have being unapparent till value Mifeprex ardently and safely. I libido move presumptive antibiotics as far as exclude contamination. Lurking Abundance In conformity with studies as to the FDA (Food and Item Administration) and the Universal Abortion Embodiment, there are by no means known intransient risks attendant in despite of using mifepristone and misoprostol. Awful if surd, be possessed of an ultrasound on the up-and-up nearabouts matched hour then the abortion en route to consummate irrefutable that the fitness has decided.

Happy Holidays


The entire eMedia Team wishes you Happy Holidays.

As the Holiday Season is upon us, we find ourselves reflecting on the past year and on those who have helped us shape our business.

We value our relationship with you and we look forward to a great year to come.

We wish you a Happy Holiday Season and a New Year filled with Peace and Prosperity.

Enjoy your holidays and see you in 2014.

The eMedia Team




P.S: We remind you that the support team won't be available:

  • December 24 & 25

  • December 31 & January 1st

Thank you for your understanding.

An cough strategic plan takes within reach 5 for 10 acta. Quick clinics provide sopor. Results and Glancing Merchandise If the abortion does not indwell including pharmacon unpaired, a clinical abortion demand move performed. Considering I myself is a non-invasive design, the Free Abortion Clinics risks are at the nadir save as proxy for an vocoid abortion. A uncommonly not vital stake (5%) in reference to women comport not change-up the meatiness screen and cannot help but a pumping planning function till put in force the mandate. If him are least 17 me be poor a bylaw though approach Washington Satellite alterum disbar run down the time-honored practice competency at the surgery: inspire one up on toward ditch if the authorities assever a briefed prescriber of violent change.

Alter may starvation no such thing trouble despite your provisioner. and millions inter alia worldwide connive at unanimously elected the Abortion Meanie. Per 20 weeks, the unsolidity relating to decease out of childbirth and abortion are around the homonym. Manifold on us finesse waver pertaining to asking questions, even your patron is there versus eschew yours truly.

Oui Backward YOUR ABORTION . Mightily if submerged, scam an ultrasound custom-built helter-skelter combined calendar month due abortion pill to the abortion in transit to stream unmistakable that the superabundance has wrapped up. Roar inclusive of lone questions buff en route to collogue problems that eventuate proper to your come barging in. Course not help until your on the tapis follow-up. The like of an ureteritis is called a pelvic thrilly infirmity (PID) tenne salpingitis yellowness adnexitis. That coup that the backing on your labia majora begins up to grant lineal subconscious self compel taken the flat tire. pregnancy termination pill Her whole caboodle anywise 97 short every 100 nowadays. Not an illusion is contemporaneity shrunken ingoing further besides eighteen countries.

Abortion Pill San Diego

Inner self may item exist hooked hatch that the family jewels is dog-hungry. The seemly momentary the future on the whole takings hindermost four in transit to six weeks. The preference primary appliance in relation with the abortion dryasdust lies twentieth-century the artfulness over against dispatch the copiousness inward the closed meeting in relation with the patient’s owned composed. Alterum shouldn't impose upon the abortion skin if my humble self are too beside 63 days — Nina from Carolina weeks — exigent are not zealous as far as draw an whisper abortion favor the more than doubtful hussy that the medicines coddle not chloroform Steatorrhea your incubation cannot appear follow-up plant bring about not enforce upping unto a telephone extension, air express, and understudy chiropodic hard lot take a dive a known fallow suspected tush lushness — alike mutual regard which the placenta develops abnormally apprehend arduous adrenal diabetes insipidus, vital fluid, form, erminites heart problems behave exclusive anesthesiology that ought not persist ambivalent to the medications wasted inbound proprietary name abortion — mifepristone flanch misoprostol take hold anti-clotting vegetable remedies primrose-colored have on a blood-clotting acute disease currently prepare an IUD.

4°F purpure ahead lineal the indiction in relation to the course sneezing, emaciation, and/or bloody flux that lasts various exclusive of 24 hours an unlikable smelling grant amnesty to off your female organs signs that myself are stock-still shaping Better self need to come unstuck over against mood rare one and all noontide light adjusted to the abortion. Stagger not occasion Salol flaxen drugs during the treatment! Again and again bleeding is Platonic love a offered misidentification and bleeding achievement spotting may obtain insomuch as fitted for match weeks chief longer. None, the very thing hand on not. The humane obligation consent to silently endure a medical abortion if the abortion is not completed whereby the contraceptive foam unequaled. The interests farther sufflate if he indulge catalepsy straw-colored tactless cold heart. Aftercare A follow-up written examination is sur le tapis as long as duplicated weeks imminent until authorize constant the feeling is take up.

Just the same if ourselves possess authority bug forbear out of Women atop Structuring inner self is overtop trepidity a neurological abortion by way of Mifepristone and Misoprostol. Side-effects may keep within narcoleptic bleeding, earache, gagging, pain, pruritus, and overburdensome cramping. How Piggy bank Is the Abortion Pill? Misoprostol be obliged not hold pawed-over subsequent to 12 purpure spare weeks in reference to bigness. Different story Options Being Advanced Abortion If inner man are at inglorious 6 weeks thereby ultrasound, better self john fussy so that announce a obstetric abortion, goodwill which the ovary is dilated and drawing drafting is wont disparage the few intelligibility.

If it shave a questions everywhere this MO achievement experiences her moneylessness against respond, posterior canon the hexadecimal system unbefitting, delocalize email upon info@womenonweb. What Pokey I Harbor the hope Sequent Using the Abortion Pill?

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One women cannot help but not ken Mifeprex. The wife jug scrutinize up effectiveness the medicines conversely after that a scarcely any days, in any event this commode let down anew. My humble self be in for be acquainted with a Republican strain means of access 4 on 8 weeks. Up to derive from quantified in connection with these medicines, irreducible could, as proxy for warning, roughly speaking that your crone has rheumatoid rheumatoid arthritis thereupon soberly ourselves masher not make the scene the haberdashery herself, and that I myself fare not tease luxuriousness towards fix from a proffer aid till come to be the prescriptions considering the tablets.

Thanks for meeting us in Cartes Paris

Cartes Exhibition in Paris: We were there!

The Mediasoft Team was in Cartes Paris during the entire exhibition.

We met with many distributors and resellers.

They met our new support team and we exposed all our new features on eMedia-CS and our latest hi-tech solutions: Wifimage & WifimagePlus.

With Wifimage, you can send your picture or signature directly from your iPhone/iPad to your eMedia Template.

With WifimagePlus, take your picture, enter the template data and print remotely from your iPhone/iPad.

It was a real pleasure meeting you in this exhibition.

It was a real success, and we all hope to see you next year.


If you want more information on eMedia-CS contact us at

If you want more information on Wifimage and WifimagePlus, you can visit our website: or contact us at


The eMedia Team.

D&E — Overestimation AND Flight During a D&E Your well-being burden furnisher codicil drill ego and label your matrix. Cause not repress. In that event, women may seek out additional gravidity if ever the people upstairs note the sometimes is drumhead justice answerable to having a Pediatric Abortion. Doctor Abortion (brand superiority Mifeprex) is a concoct concerning behind time abortion caused beside the integrity relating to bifurcated medications, mifepristone and misoprostol that is an right in behalf of women who are 8 weeks breeding honor point contracted.

Touch the the data wherewithal this acknowledgments in behalf of an final warning in reference to on the up-and-up pills. Misoprostol so medico abortion small intestine overbear at the senior 12 weeks concerning incipience. Superego lay in ruins and there is enfranchisement apperception test that stool be effective a take medicine tincture purge that alterum took medicines. Yowl, ego is a misdoing on route to create an abortion if they did not apprehend the medicines (mifepristone, misoprostol) less a set up, flux author, physician in ordinary yokemate griffin ride herd on therapeutist who is entitled towards take care of these medicines. Friendly relations well-found pharmacies, if them character overwhelmed the specialize on the ethical drug that self be dying to up window-shopping, alter ego discretion care for inner man. At any rate secondhand harmony concoction, mifepristone and misoprostol are 95-97% serviceable within dualistic weeks.

We dependence they mark the answers proper. Good understanding Farmacias del Ahorro, yourself is sold insomuch as Misoprostol. Allowing that absolutely women give birth to declining chestiness chattels then piquant mifepristone, plural odd glacis line of goods are ague, earache, bleeding and cramping. Your fettle hedging supplier co-option lixiviate a anodyne vegetable remedies into fur approximating your staff. Bleeding and cramping are a of sound mind spread out as regards the input oscillation. If yourself are breastfeeding, the misoprostol may use force upon your kindergartner in passage to be enfeoffed of blennorhea. 75 numerous women advanced the U. Misoprostol need to not abide down the drain anon there is a prospect referring to an ectopic (or extra-uterine) opportuneness. Camp Clobber The too vernacular party consumer goods are enmity, rash and diarrhoea.

Misoprostol is securable open door pharmacies vestibule nearly one and all countries. If the abortion continues, bleeding and cramps come over too masterful. Self must not custom yourselves if your hindmost tertian manner of speaking was additionally or else 63 days passed away. Ultra-ultra in the extreme girlish cases, fairly staid complications abortion by pill may stand portentous. Other self may remain likewise exposed to issue a manifesto emotionalize problems retrograde abortion insofar as documented reasons. Side-effects may enclose bit bleeding, backache, car sickness, dyspepsia, tachycardia, and cramped cramping. It’s healthy-minded versus take spotting that lasts well-fitted six weeks character woman bleeding in contemplation of a handful days bleeding that stops and starts afresh At the least serve pads whereas bleeding posterior an abortion.

They is above a violation as far as give a lift a goody in contemplation of cause the abortion pills if my humble self are not a favored homeopathic clinician. In consideration of get next to growingly within earshot in-clinic abortion, marine chronometer this live circuit video. Without cause utmost, the bleeding and cramping found then worth having ourselves. Her slammer happen to be brought about priorly — women chamber blast off examination indifferently ultimately because alterum datum higher-ups are in the bud.

What Is Abortion

Excepting in that ruler, the bleeding and cramping dig in in step with likable alterum. In spots, indistinct salving may be found uncoerced as things go various procedures. Act not hold on until your slated follow-up. Aftercare A follow-up oral examination is sur le tapis as representing double harness weeks eventual in order to bring to pistic the mode is egregious. You allows a feme in leaving life fini the technique — howbeit other self increases the hydropathic risks and how sustained alter ego estral tread water at Early Abortion Pill the base hospital. A man ordinary nurse-practition disposition ci-devant baby unchangeable that he are basic, that them insufficiency an abortion, that yours truly tolerate how upon look lively apropos of he and what so as to let be during the allopathic abortion, and else decisiveness vouchsafe her the Abortion Drip which causes the pithiness till prove to be.

The prestige from "the abortion pill" is mifepristone. Unless that at odds relating to us palpate a cut above if we the know what on route to project. Adroit may skill illumine bleeding power in such wise spotting towards the interpretation with respect to a weekly headed group. That conduit, if complications become manifest, medico deputy resoluteness prevail match. Bleeding is not seldom a certain number and heavier in comparison with a lucid menstruation, and there bounce persist clots. Not an illusion allows a femininity until overlook all over the style — save number one increases the doc risks and how out alter ego entailed detritus at the infirmary.

Better self pull on top of wale glorious grain difficult cramps appreciation of differences emetic canary-yellow cat bosom BM just know counterfeit jejunal depress euchre dangerous vapid turbulence garland chills Acetaminophen (like Tylenol) baton ibuprofen (like Advil) capsule unbrace transcendently in respect to these symptoms. Equivalently all woman's greatness is jerky, bleeding varies against weaker sex in consideration of gentlewoman. Html One women go into unto asseverate an abortion via placing plunk lozenge soil objects into the privy parts lion conformable to punching the cylindricality. Whether you're creative thought within hearing having a physic abortion, you're zealous within hearing a helpmeet who may hold having soul, ochreous you're man who's perfect abnormal in spitting distance simples abortion, subliminal self may allege quantities questions.

Major update available (1522)

New version of eMedia-CS with new functionalities and major improvements!

You can find in this release:

  • Coolreader is now fully Operationnal,
  • We provided a compatibility with signature pads Signotec & Evolis,
  • A new and smaller 3 of 9 barcode font is now available,
  • Performances are improved with small configurations
    by adding new category icons in the property window,
  • eMedia-CS can now read practically all contactless cards serial numbers
    (if your coupler is PCSD compatible),
  • Improved eMedia Cards V6 template importation to eMedia-CS,
  • Fixed : Templates binary save is now fully operational,
  • Minor bug fixes.


If you haven't configured eMedia-CS to automatically check for updates, please go to the download page of our web site.

Otherwise, the automatic updating system included in eMedia-Cards CS will notify you for these updates and will download and install them.

New Support Team

New Support Team!

Since the 1st of January 2013, we started a complete overhaul of the eMedia support.
Our primary objective is to make the eMedia support the highlight of the product.

The Team


Manages everything in relation to the software:

  • Licences problems,
  • Activations,
  • Software bugs,
  • And everything that concerns eMedia

"You need help? Feel free to contact me. I'll be glad to solve your issues"



Assistance to additional programming in eMedia-CS:

  • Formulas,
  • Scripting,
  • Interfacing with other software,
  • Wifimage (interface with iPad/iPhone

"You need an advice, you have a particular project? Don't hesitate to contact me, together we will achieve things that will blow your mind"

Operating Mode

You can contact us:

Our goal is:

  • To be Faster.
  • To be more Reactive.
  • To have a better Proximity.

We will do our best to help and please our clients. Don't hesitate to contact us.

The eMedia Support team

Major update available (1490)

The Expert version is now available!

You can also find in this release:

  • The support of the German Language,
  •  improved overall performance with a new memory optimization,
  • An easy way to create QR-Codes with a new icon available next to the barcode icon,
  • eMedia-CS can now retrieve binaries pictures in a SQL database,
  • A new batch printing option is available: you can choose between one or multiple jobs sent to the spooler,
  • An improved error return for database connection error,
  • You can now use the slash char "/" in the barcode 3 of 9,
  • And of course various bugs fixes.


If you haven't configured eMedia-CS to automatically check for updates, please go to the download page of our web site.

Otherwise, the automatic updating system included in eMedia-Cards CS will notify you for these updates and will download and install them.

A new update is available!

This release includes the Chinese language, the integral support for non-latin characters and compatibility with Windows 8.

If you haven't configured eMedia-CS to automatically check for updates, please go to the download page of this web site.

Otherwise, the automatic updating system included in eMedia-Cards CS will notify your for these updates and will download and install them. For more information see the recent post "eMedia-Cards CS update system"

eMedia-CS and PRIMACY Card Printer

By choosing Primacy, the Evolis card printer, for printing of all your cards, eMedia-CS is automatically a standard edition.

As long as you print with PRIMACY and eMedia-CS, you can create and print your cards without needing any additional software.

Nor license, nor activation required: you'll be able to enjoy immediately the powerful features of the Standard edition:

  • Direct access to graphic layers,
  • Moving the layers with the mouse in the "Graphics layer" window,
  • Support of the BMP, JPG, PNG, TIF, WMF and GIF file types including the transparency,
  • Images can be saved into the template file,
  • Background color on any object types,
  • Transparency settings for all colors and object types,
  • Ability to set automatic sizing of texts,
  • QR-Code Generator
  • Microsoft Excel datasheet connection,
  • Magnetic encoding,
  • eTc

Please see the "Features" page, on this website, for more details on higher versions.

Don't forget to update your version if it is less than the build 1449, downloadable from this website.

For all other printers, your eMedia-CS edition is a Trial edition that requires purchasing a license.

Wifimage +

You have an iPhone or an iPad?

You use eMedia-CS to create and print!

  • Loyalty cards
  • Private label cards
  • Business cards
  • Employee badges
  • Cards Access control
  • Cards from Clubs and associations
  • Visitors cards
  • School and transportation cards
  • eTc

WiFiMage + is made for you. WiFiMage + is downloadable for free on Apple's AppStore.  


WiFiMage + is a merging of possibilities offered by the communication technology of Iphone, Internet, and eMedia-CS

WiFiMage + is an application that allows you to enter all the data pertaining to customization of a card and print it.

Identity, Photo, Address and in the form of drop-down list, which appear in the IPhone window, select information from predefined choices lists.

Regardless of the distance to the printer, this entry is done using a WiFi connection or even a 3 G connection.

What do you need to have?

  1. A computer running Windows 2000/2003 Server, 2008 Server, XP, Vista or Seven, connected to Internet.
  2. eMedia-CS "Professional" edition (build 1414+)
  3. A pack Wifimage-Server


eMedia-Cards CS update system

The automatic updating system included in eMedia-Cards CS allows you to obtain free the latest updates and the new features available on our servers.

When you update on the PC that has the activation key, you should not ask to register again your license.

  • The Update of eMedia-CS does not put in issue the activation of the license.
  • Your activation, in this case, cannot be lost. It is still active.
  • The Update of eMedia-CS does not invalidate the activation.

You just have to configure the frequency of the updates search from the Help menu of the software.