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Formulas & Scripts examples

In this section, you will find templates that will show you how powerfull are the advanced tools of eMedia-CS. These advanced tools are made available starting from the Professional Edition. If you have a Standard Edition, you'll need to activate the Demonstration Mode to try them.


The ability to evaluate formulas is a powerful tool that allows you to interact with the contents of your fields and objects.
You can concatenate text fields, make arithmetic operations, create a QR-Code with a MeCard or VCard formula, etc.

Two zones concatenation

This template contains three objects:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • First Name & Last Name (that contains the formula)

This last "Formula object" concatenates the First Name and the Last name, and shows the result.

Validity Date

In this template, the goal is to calculate a date that is 365 days after the current date. It contains two objects:

  • The issue date (Today's date)
  • The validity date (Today's date + 365 days as a formula)
MeCard QR-Code

This template allows you to have a QR-Code containing a MeCard (can be flashed with a SmartPhone to obtain the contact information. The formula is on the QR-Code object. It regroups all the needed fields that are on the card (First Name, Last Name, Phone number, email, etc...).


eMedia-CS supports a full featured scripting language : VBScript. The Scripting can be use to extend the abilities of the software by setting automatically values in objects and change any of the properties they have.

Background Change

In this template, the script will change the background of the card depending on the selected choice: in "Gender" when you choose "Boy", the background turns blue. When you choose "Girl", the background turns to pink.

Orientation Change

The scripting in this template automatically adjusts the orientation of the card depending on the orientation selected. It also adjusts the position of the objects.

eMedia-CS YouTube Channel & Tutorial Videos

Our Youtube Channel is now online. You'll find tutorial videos in English and in French. We hope these tutorials will help you through your eMedia experience.

Tutorial 101: How to download and install eMedia-CS

This video helps you to download eMedia-CS and to install it. It also explains the license registration up to the first launch.


Tutorial 102: How to connect a template to a database

An explanation of the connection process between an eMedia CS template and a database.